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Rose Gold Scrunchie

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Rose Gold Scrunchie

Our Rose Gold Scrunchie is made from organic cotton, and features delicately sparkly rose gold threads throughout. These are 4 inch scrunchies, so they’re the perfect size for slipping on your wrist, if you’re not ready to put your hair up just yet. 

Each Scrunchie is hand sewn in the USA. 

From the maker:

"At Lindsay Brook Designs, we are passionate about letting nothing go to waste. 

From reclaiming discarded fabrics, for creative use in our handmade accessories, to making sure that none of our packaging ends up in a landfill, we are always considering how to reduce waste. 

Aside from our efforts to reduce physical waste, we also strongly believe in giving back, so we have committed to giving at least 10 % to charities each year."

Serge; Kenya, and Domestic US

Mission to the World; Honduras

Community Presbyterian Church;  Alabama

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