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Paperclip Chain Necklace + Birthstone Bead

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In love with layering? The paperclip chain's gorgeous links stack perfectly with our other chain pieces for flawless layers. 

And we've added some customized fun! Each necklace comes with a paper bead charm to match your birthstone. The unique hinge clasp allows you to add and remove bead charms.  Chose your own color and add more for your family members!

Accessorize with purpose and know that your purchase helps women flourish.

Each Necklace comes with one birthstone charm. To add additional birthstone beads - add them to your cart here!


18" long. Link size is 3.3x9mm

14k gold-plated brass. 

Each paper bead is coated with a non-toxic varnish to make it more durable, but because they are made of paper, please do not wear your jewelry in water.


The artisans who partner with us are a group of females who have been trained to create handmade paper bead jewelryThey are artists, sisters, mothers, and friends.

We collaborate with a local non-profit coming alongside their years of experience of working with these women. The non-profit selected these women because they were from low-income families, lacked a formal education, and were identified as hard-working and teachable.

When the artisans formed their jewelry group they were mostly single women in their early 20s. Now almost all of them are married with kids. In 2020, during the pandemic, the group morphed and changed once again. Now they are entirely young single women, available to work full-time. All of these women told us that before they had the opportunity to work making jewelry they were just sitting at home. Some were threatened to be married off, while others were forced to work around the house all day.

It's one of the many reason why our desire is to help them access a more global market so they can provide more for their families and in turn flourish in their daily lives.