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Charmie Bar Clasps

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We've partnered with From Juniper With Love for our Charmie Bar and we are so excited to bring it online!

Create your unique piece, and wear your story! Choose your clasp that you would like to go with your chain! Each chain comes with a clasp of your choice, clasps cannot be sold separately from a chain. Be sure to add both the chain and clasp to your cart! Shop all chains HERE! Choose your charmies to further create your story. Shop all charmies HERE!

Clasps are 14k gold filled. Approximate measurements are listing on the photos in the bottom right hand corner.

In the off chance that your clasp won’t fit your chain, we will reach out to you about selecting a different one! 

If you have any questions about the charmie bar or picking out a chain, reach out to or text us at (574) 238-2754!