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*Bèl Kòz Kids Bracelets

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Beaded bracelets created from clay sourced in Haiti's central plateau by talented Haitian artisans in Port-au-Prince. This jewelry is providing jobs & preventing orphans. It also gives back to other organizations in Haiti.
Enjoy picking your own personalized hand-stamped charm! We recommend the tiny charms with these bracelets, but you are welcome to choose a regular sized charm instead. Select your tiny charm HERE, or your regular sized charm HERE!
If ordering multiple and you have a preference of which bracelet color goes with which charm - please specify in the notes section before checkout. Each bracelet comes with ONE charm, regardless of the charm size! 
  • Handmade in Haiti
  • Glazed, kiln fired clay beads on elastic
  • Approximately 6.25-6.5” diameter
  • 6 hand rolled clay beads + antique brass beads

--Bracelets include a small charm (in addition to your selected charm) that reads: Bel Koz (a beautiful cause) in Haitian Creole. 


 ***PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO ADD THE BRACELET TO YOUR CART, & YOU ALSO NEED TO ADD THE CHARM TO YOUR CART! You will not be charged extra for the charm - ONE charm is included with each bracelet!


***If your bracelet breaks, simply bring the beads + charm into the store for a replacement or mail the beads + charm back to us! Reach out to for more info!