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Meet the Moms of TMSM

Meet the Moms of TMSM

This week we're not only sending love to our moms, the moms of The Mustard Seed Marketplace, but we're sending love to those waiting to become moms, those with strained relationships, those who have lost mothers, mothers who have lost children, and mother figures in all forms. We are so blessed and thankful for you.

If you are wanting to gift a mom in your life something special, we went to our moms and asked them what some of their favorite items were and here's what they told us! 

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Lisa's Mom, Judy: 

1. Georgie Necklace 

2. Camel Nomad Crossbody

3. River Open Cardi

4. Linear Peplum Top

5. Daffodil Open Cardi

6. Groovy Scoop Neck Tee

 Laura's Mom, Margaret: 

 1. Whimsy Reverse Blouse

2. Pixie Tank Dress

3. 14 oz. Snickerdoodle Candle

4. Pick Up Sticks Mini Zip Wallet

5. Geranium Midi Skirt

Jenna's Mother-in-Law, Cindy: 

1. Joan Shacket

2. 3 oz. Celebrate Candle

3. Brown Sokha Bag

4. Bel Koz Beaded Bracelets

5. Custom Charms for Bel Koz Bracelets

Liv's Mom, Paula: 

1. Rachel Utility Bag

2. Bel Koz Beaded Bracelets

3. Sedona Stretch Bracelet

4. Ambre Blends - Anhu

5. Breakthrough Beaded Bracelet

6. The Bailey Jacket