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Team Holiday Gift Picks

Team Holiday Gift Picks

We've put together a list of our team members top favorite items - it's a combination of things they love and things they'd love to see in their stockings this year! *hint, hint* 
We hope this helps you with your shopping and gives you some great gift ideas! 
Click on the item name to be taken directly to the product listing! 

Lisa's Picks: 

1. Rachel Utility Tote in Cognac 

2. Linear (Black + White) Turtle Neck

3. Cassidy Gold Hoop Earrings

4. Ochre Open Cardi

5. Baluster Pendant Necklace in White 


Liv's Picks:

1. Sea Salt + Sage Wooden Keychain 

2. Leopard Kennedy Clay Studs 

3. Love Pendant Necklace

4. Be Kind Hoodie - Faded Pink 

5. Elevate Zip Leather Wallet - Camel 


Laura's Picks: 

1. Bèl Kòz Beaded Bracelets 

2. Matte Leopard Rain Boots 

3. Evelyn Gold Drop Necklace 

4. Coffee Bean + Maple Lip Balm 

5. The Merly Jacket 


Emily's Picks: 

1. Coastal Yarrow Wooden Keychain 

2. Bèl Kòz Beaded Bracelets

3. Lily Classic Pearl Earrings 

4. The Nary 

5. Zip Folder Jewelry Travel Organizer