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A Worshipping People Necklace

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A Worshipping People

Inspired by Exodus 19-45

Be the one who worships. shout his goodness to the rooftops, even when those around you are too afraid to. Be the worshiper who dances with joy in Christ when trial arises. Be the worshiper who delights in God’s perfect design, resting in His sovereign will. Be the worshiper who surrenders comparison and worships freely, as Christ calls you to.
It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it matters who you’re praising. Lift up the name of Jesus and let your life be an offering of worship to Him.

Details in the Design: This pendant represents how when we stay within the boundaries of God's design + plan we will flourish. 

18" Adjustable Chain

14kt Gold over stainless steel

Tarnish + Water Resistant

Pendant Measures 1/2" in diameter