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Beauty Wrap Bracelet

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Wanting to add a touch of Depth?  Find rich retro-looking love from this wrap Beauty. 

3 Wrap Bracelet 

From Liv Thai: We work directly with artisans in Chiang Mai, Thailand to design and create our products! Our family lived there for 6 years, and after growing familiar with the markets, we came to know our favorite artisans. We asked them if we could create a cohesive brand around their beautiful products. Together we now have Liv Thai, a know-your-maker shop, with handmade products that are purchased at non-negotiated prices. We love our artisans and our beautiful pieces of wrap bracelets, leather goods, and bags. It's a happy feeling every time I get to place another order with the artisans! So thank you. Thank you for coming back for gifts, coming back because you know you are buying so closely to the maker. It’s an honor and a joy. And we are grateful.