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Birthstone Beads

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Beautifully handmade paper beads for each color of the month! Customize your paperclip necklace with our unique spin on "Birthstone" beads. The bead comes on a small clasp so that you can attach it to the paperclip necklace. 

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Small paper bead on gold plated wire and a 5mm spring clasp

Each bead is made from paper by women in the Horn of Africa. They use colored paper or recycled magazines and measure, cut, roll, and varnish each strip of paper to make a beautiful, unique, bead.  Once the beads are dry they are then used to assemble and make jewelry, creating a one-of-a-kind gift for you and your loved ones!

Each paper bead is coated with a non-toxic varnish to make it more durable, but because they are made of paper, please do not wear your jewelry in water.