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God's Authority Necklace

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God's Authority

Inspired by Exodus 2-11

We are given two path options to follow: the path of our own will and the path of God’s will. On the path of our own will we find tiny stumps of sin growing in our midst. As we are walking along the path, chest out, fierce, placing our faith in ourselves— we stumble and fall. Sometimes when we fall, we accumulate different bruises and scrapes. Instead of learning from our pain, we continue to walk down this broken path without accepting the help we need. The other path; however, is straight and narrow. We may still fall and stumble on this path because clumsiness is in our nature. Yet, on this path, God picks us up, cleans our wounds, and gently guides us as He sees fit. On this path, we joyfully submit to the divine authority of God because He loves us so deeply.

Details in the Design: This pendant is strong + bold looking while also being delicate. It has two different chains on each side to represent "two paths" and then ending with a bold pendant representing God's Authority.

18" Adjustable Chain

14kt Gold over stainless steel

Tarnish + Water Resistant

Pendant Measures about 1/2" in diameter