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The Journey Necklace

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The Journey

Inspired by Exodus 1:11-14:9

Though the journey may be long, it is always worth it. In Exodus, we see the Israelites being enslaved by the Egyptians. Day and night the Israelites would cry out to God, “Please deliver us from this place.” As always, God was intently listening to His children. God appointed Moses to lead the journey from slavery to the promised land. The journey was filled with trials, tribulations, and failures. At one point, Israel found themselves grumbling against the perfect work of God. Out of God’s kindness, He humbled Israel. In our own faith journey, when mishaps and hardships come, we must cling to the solid truth in that- journeying anywhere with the Father is a gift. May our heart postures reflect: I would walk anywhere amongst the earth for the sake of His glory.

Details in the Design: I love these shimmering delicate strands that can represent so many parts of our journey + stories. All the strands come together to create our testimonies and glorify God.

18" Adjustable Chain

14kt Gold over stainless steel

Tarnish + Water Resistant