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Trusting God Necklace

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Trusting God

Inspired by Exodus 11-14

Walking in uncertainty can be nerve wracking. Reflect upon the Israelites fleeing captivity in Egypt. They had no idea where God was leading them. They heard of this promised land, yet they never saw it with their own eyes. Some of them were uncertain, some of them were scared, some of them begged to return back to slavery due to their lack of trust in God. We sometimes do this in our own walk of faith. When we cannot see what is in front of us, we may be inclined to take a step backward. In those
moments, remember that God works all things for His glory and the good of His children. He is a trustworthy God, working to reveal His love for you.

Details in the Design: This piece has two discs- one in the front that looks like sand dunes while the smooth disc has the words "TRUST" engraved on it to remind us to trust in God- even when we cannot see what is ahead.

18" Adjustable Chain

14kt Gold over stainless steel

Tarnish + Water Resistant

Pendant measures a little over 1/2" in diameter